There Is No Instagram Account In My Order

Mobile-Device-Only Social Network Registrations on the Rise

Instagram only allows registration by mobile device. A registration form on Instagram’s desktop site does appear periodically but our internal testing shows that these accounts are at risk for deletion without any explanation. Since KnowEm is in the business of helping our customers not only register but also secure usernames on social networks, it is best that usernames on Instagram not be placed at risk by performing the registration via desktop when available.

KnowEm recommends to customers to register Instagram accounts via their mobile apps (Android and iOS) . Direct links to download their apps can be found on the homepage

KnowEm strictly performs registrations on social networks that allow account creation with the desktop browser. There are an ever increasing number of social networks that only allow registration via mobile app such as SnapChat, HouseParty, and Whisper. What’s more, some social networks require your registration be tied into a more popular social network. For example, to register on Periscope you must sign up with your Twitter account.

To register via mobile app:

  1. Download the app
  2. Open the app
  3. Follow the registration steps OR
  4. Alternatively, link your new account to an existing social network profile,  such as Facebook

Why is Instagram Even Listed in the KnowEm Search Engine?

Instagram, along with a small number of mobile only registration social networks, still show user profiles on their desktop browser site. We include these networks to show our site visitors a comprehensive view of where their desired username is available for registration, even though KnowEm cannot include the registration on those networks.

Mobile App Caveats and Tips

There are some caveats and tips you should know about mobile only social networks. Each network is designed an built differently but below is a list of situations that are generally advised to avoid:

  1. Avoid using the same account on two different devices at the same time especially from significantly different locations. You may be suddenly logged out of a device in the middle of your activity, such as streaming a live event.
  2. Most social network mobile apps only allow 1 account to be logged in at any time without any convenient way to switch accounts. You would have to log out of the app completely and log in with a different account. Plan accordingly when particular accounts should be used on which devices and by whom.
  3. Always use strong device security when they contain access to social networks, especially if the device contains access to business/brand social network accounts. Never use PIN numbers like 1234 or other easily guessed or weak security measures.
  4. Where offered, use 2FA (2 factor authorization) for an added security layer. Learn more about mobile 2FA on Wikipedia.

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