My UStream Account Vanity URL Is Not Set

Where is the Vanity URL for my profile? UStream discovered that when it allowed its users to set vanity URLs that there were problematic situations. Mostly this was due to the way UStream programmed its site. After careful consideration UStream decided to change the way it does business and has […]

Choosing Usernames for Brand or Business

Choosing Usernames for your Business or Brand One common question we get here at KnowEm is… “What usernames are best for my social network profiles?”. This guide was written to help guide you on choosing a username or usernames for your brand or business. Choosing an Alternate Username We highly […]

My YouTube Account Vanity URL Is Not Set

YouTube Network Popularity YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video site on the internet and due to its commanding authority as a social network is included in KnowEm’s Top 25 ranked social networks.  Additionally, YouTube is a single Google product that ties into your Google account and other […]

There Is No Facebook Account In My Order

Business versus Personal Branding Pages Facebook has put controls into place to combat the ever increasing amount of spam and fake accounts by requiring you to link each FB account by enforcing a real name policy and mobile phone number. While mobile device phone numbers to verify such an account […]

How To Forward Gmail to your Preferred Email Inbox

Why KnowEm Creates a New Email for Your Order Email accounts are created by our staff when an order is processed and social networks are created if an existing email was not supplied by the customer. We do this to capture validation emails sent to verify your account as we […]