Are KnowEm Package Prices Charged Yearly, or One Time Fees?

All of our packages are one-time only charges, and you can view them and place an order here:  For example, the Business plan which creates 100 profiles is a one-time fixed cost of $249 (at the time of writing this article).  Once completed, we hand over access to all 100 profiles and give  you the login and password information for each, and you never have to pay us again if you don’t want to.   The latest prices for KnowEm plans are always available on our Pricing Page at

However, we do offer an optional subscription choice as an add-on for any package that we offer.  This is completely optional, and you can start and/or cancel the subscription service at any time, with no notice or minimum number of months required.  With the subscription service KnowEm will continue to create 20 profiles for you on a mixture of new and established social networks for a monthly fee.  This is extremely popular with customers interested in either the SEO or Trademark Protection benefit of our services.

Since the profiles we create contain a mix of dofollow links, nofollow links and on page citations in a natural pattern, our SEO customers love the subscription service.  And since we are securing your brand name on any new and popular Social Network as soon as they’re launched before any one else can claim it, our Trademark Protection customers prefer it.


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