How Can KnowEm Help My Online Reputation Management?

KnowEm is a trademark and brand protection service, but we get questions and orders all the time from people inquiring about ORM, or Online Reputation Management, Issues.  Since so many SEO agencies use our service, it’s only a natural extension to also use it for ORM.

The truth is, KnowEm can be a very effective starting point in an ORM campaign.  When people search for your name on the internet, you’d like them to find pages and information about you – but you’d like to have some control over which pages appear first.  That’s the job of an ORM campaign, to increase the search visibility of your information – just like SEO.  Unlike SEO, however, there’s usually another task of suppressing negative information you don’t want to be seen in search results.

So how does KnowEm help?  By creating profiles on many social networks, you now have a lot more pages about yourself on the internet. And the more, the better – that’s where KnowEm’s Corporate Complete plan can help individuals just as much as brands.  The first step is to simply raise the popularity and awareness of those pages – something which social media is perfectly poised to do!  You can log in to the profiles created and either post or share relevant and useful content to those networks, then have your friends and followers like them, thereby boosting their popularity and ranking.

Think of it as writing a personal blog — the content you post and share can be any information you want to say about yourself and have related to your name on the internet. So now when someone searches for your name – for example a future job or school – it’s more likely the results they see will be this newer and more relevant content that you have provided.  More importantly, when they click on it they will be reading whatever you present – it’s your chance to put your best foot forward. It could be simply biographical, or even better, you can use this as a great opportunity to appeal to future employers. If you want to be a chef, post content about how to cook and perhaps images of your dishes. If you want to go into accounting, post frequent and topical updates to tax laws people should know.  Just make it about what you love to do.

The more useful it is, the more likely it is friends and followers will want to read, and more importantly, like it and share it.  Ideally if you write content that demonstrates you are an expert in your field that will really help your reputation.  But don’t let your level of expertise stop you.  Maybe you’re not an expert, but just knowledgeable  – or maybe you’re a complete novice and are just learning – you can still add valuable content!  Just posting content to share your mistakes to help others avoid them has value and is appealing to readers.  And, in the long run, all of this helps boost your reputation, and that is whole point of reputation management.

So when someone searches your name you will now control the content they see. And the more networks you post content to, the more pages get added to search results, thereby boosting your reputation, and suppressing any negative content you might prefer not be so visible (hey, we all make mistakes!)

In fact, KnowEm has done this for so many customers that we now provide them with a worksheet outlining steps to assist them.  And we’re always just a phone call or email away if you ever need any help – we’re known for our fanatical devotion to customer service, because we’re that committed to our customers’ success. Our support never ends — a KnowEm customer once is a KnowEm customer for life – and that’s a reputation we’re proud to uphold!


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