LinkBuilding with KnowEm Social Media Profile Creation

A lot of SEO, ORM, PR and Marketing agencies resell KnowEm’s Social Media Profile Creation services via our Enterprise-grade professional reseller dashboard.  But you don’t have to be an SEO agency or even an SEO pro to use our service for your link building efforts!

KnowEm and Link-Building for Search Engine Optimization

Almost all of the social media profiles we create reserve a space to enter your website’s URL.  By adding that link to your website on each profile we create you can use our social media profile creation service to very effectively build links.  Some even allow you to customize the anchor text displayed on your profile’s link to your website, and you’ll see that field (the field labelled Website Name is the field for anchor text) on our order form.

KnowEm anchor text field on the order form

Optionally, you can also add your website’s URL in the Bio or Description field used to create each social media profile.  Many social networks will automatically create a link out of that URL, giving you another opportunity to ensure more links to your site.

In case you’re new to SEO, or don’t understand exactly what a bunch of incoming links will do to benefit the exposure of your website, take a look at this customer case study.  In it, a marketing agency which used our service outlines exactly how much organic traffic and how much of a search rankings boost they received as a direct result from using KnowEm’s Social Profile service.





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