No, You Don’t Need A PayPal Account to Pay KnowEm

KnowEm accepts payment in the form of most major credit cards, debit cards and even personal checks via our payment processing partner, PayPal – but no, you do not need to have an account with PayPal to pay us!

Once you complete the KnowEm social profile creation order form with your information, you will be sent to PayPal’s website to submit your financial payment information.  The reason we do this is specifically for your safety and security; KnowEm never has any of your financial information saved in our database!  Since you never give us your credit card number, there’s no way for us to even save it even if we wanted to.  This is just an added level of safety for you, the customer.  If our servers are ever compromised, your info can’t get leaked onto the web – because we don’t have it!

Most people today already have a PayPal account, since it’s basically the world’s largest bank.  But sometimes consumers don’t want to create any more accounts than they have to – and we want to respect that at KnowEm.  As a result, we don’t require you to authenticate with a PayPal account to submit payment.  The only exception is with our social branding subscription program, which is optional – it has no minimum length requirements, and you can start or stop it at any time (more information here).

So how do you pay KnowEm without a PayPal account?

It’s fairly straightforward – figure 1 shows what the checkout screen at PayPal looks like (Please note you won’t see this page until after you’ve completed our order form here and clicked the payment button).  Just click the link halfway down the right side of the page titled “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal credit”:

Pay KnowEm without PayPal - Figure 1


Once you click that, a larger form will open and slide beneath that title with 3 options: Debit or Prepaid Gift Card, Credit Card, and PayPal Credit — as shown here in Figure 2:

Pay KnowEm without PayPal - Figure 2


The great thing about PayPal being such a well-established and trusted online financial merchant is that they accept all of those options, and more!  For the purposes of this tutorial let’s assume you would like to pay by credit card, but don’t want to open an account with PayPal.  All you have to do is click that “Credit Card” tab as show in Figure 2.  Then fill in all your credit card info, and click their submit button.

That’s it!  The 2 figures above show you the main links you need to click, but if you’d like complete end-to-end  instructions to pay without a PayPal account there’s a great step-by-step tutorial here:



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