On Which Social Networks Do You Create 100 Profiles?

A lot of customers ask us for a list of the 100 social networks we’ll be creating profiles for if they purchase our popular Business Starter Plan.  We really can’t give out a list, because the answer is: you create the list!  It’s your choice – we can either create profiles on the 100 most popular social networks, which change almost daily, or you can tell us which categories or niche markets you’d like us to concentrate on.  For all of the packages we offer, whether it’s for 25 profiles or 300 profiles, we can either:

  • Create profiles on the (25, 100, 150, 300) most popular social networks – which is what 90% of our customers prefer, or
  • Create profiles in the categories or niche markets (listed here) that you ask us to target – such as Photography, Music, Health, etc.

Option 1: The Most Popular Social Networks

At any given point in time KnowEm is tracking, observing and gathering data on over 500 social networks.  Every single month (and quite often each week) we continue to add new social media websites to our database (for our Brand Protection and Link Building Subscription customers), but we also have to remove a few that either close or pivot.

We want to ensure your profiles are created on the most popular social networks, so we don’t have a static list of 100 social networks we can provide if you’d like to purchase our Business Package to create 100 profiles.  Each day the list could change – what’s popular today may not be tomorrow.  When you place an order to create 300 profiles, we review the database and simply sort it from the most popular to the least, and then begin creating profiles on the most popular.

Gauging Popularity

Of course this begs the question, what’s a popular social networks?  KnowEm relies on a number of metrics from multiple sources that we believe give us a very good idea of any given website’s popularity:

  • Alexa Rank: Alexa scores a website based on the number of people actually visiting it.  This gives us a ballpark idea of how many people are visiting a social network each month.
  • Majestic SEO:  We look at Majestic‘s incoming link count, which tells us how many other sites are linking to this particular social network.  The more people are talking about and linking to a given social network, either from other social networks, blogs or large news agencies, helps to tell us how popular a site is.
  • MOZMOZ offers a lot of information and is a great resource.  Not only does MOZ keep track of the amount of incoming links to a social media website, it also gives each website it’s own unique rank which is in and of itself is a score of how popular that site is.
  • Google Page Rank: Unfortunately, Google Page Rank is not the great ranking factor that it used to be – mostly because it appears Google stopped updating it in 2013!  However, we do still keep it as a historical metric.

What If a Brand or User Name is Already Taken?

Usernames, much like Brands, are unique – so much so, in fact, that only one single username can exist on any given social network. After all, Twitter can’t have two @CocaColas – there can be only one!  So we’re often asked what do we do when we’re working off of our list of hundreds of popular social networks and arrive upon an instance where the brand we’re trying to claim has already been taken:

  1. If you don’t supply us with an alternate username choice on our order form, then we simply skip over that social network and move on to the next most popular site to create a profile.  We’ll make a note of it, but it is then up to you to contact that social network and try and recover your name, especially if someone else is squatting on a trademark you have registered.
  2. If you did give us an alternate username to work with, we’ll simply register that name instead (if it’s not taken either).  This method insures you at least have a presence on the 100 most popular networks, even if it’s not with the same consistent brand name (sometimes it’s just better to be at the party than to not show up at all)!

Option 2: Creating Social Profiles for Your Brand by Niche Market or Category

KnowEm lets you customize any order by telling us which market you’d like to us to target when we’re creating your social media profiles. We have sorted the 500+ social networks we track in our database into a couple dozen categories, which include but are not limited to such niche markets as Photography, Business, Health, Video, Music, Travel, etc.  The entire list is available here: http://knowem.com/websites/all

We’ll still work our way down from the most to the least popular, but we’ll begin (and in some cases confine) our work in the categories you choose.  For example if you wanted us to focus on all social media sites in the Business, Microblogging, Bookmarking and Informative markets, but only wanted to purchase 25 profiles, we’ll obviously hit the limit of 25 before we run out of options, since those categories house over 80 social networks (at the time of this writing).

Again the choice is up to you. We can work through the categories concurrently, meaning we attempt to get 1 from each of the 4 options, then get a second profile from each, etc. until we have 6 in each of the 4 categories for a total of 24 (and one extra).  Or we can target them in the prioritized order you give us, so we get 16 in the Business category, and then 9 in Microblogging, and then we would stop because we’ve reached the limit of 25.


If all of these options sound confusing, then let’s make it simple: KnowEm is prepared to secure your brand on social media however you’d like it secured.  All of these options are just guidelines, they aren’t rules meant to limit your service. So just tell us what you want accomplished, and we’ll give you our 110% effort to meet and exceed your expectations, as that is our goal!  


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