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Business versus Personal Branding Pages

Facebook has put controls into place to combat the ever increasing amount of spam and fake accounts by requiring you to link each FB account by enforcing a real name policy and mobile phone number. While mobile device phone numbers to verify such an account for your order are not typically included (businesses rarely have a single dedicated mobile phone), if several attempts are made per day there is a small chance of success of bypassing the phone verification requirement. Efforts to obtain a facebook profile is typically limited to orders for real persons who may be looking to build a personal brand or blog presence, for example.

This same anti-spam measure is being incorporated by multiple sites including Gmail, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to name a few. At this time there is no certain way to work around the real name enforcement and/or mobile verification process.

We appreciate the need for customers who want these important sites. In these cases we recommend you set up a ‘facebook business page‘ using an existing personal facebook account. Facebook does not really want businesses and brands to use a personal profile for a number of reasons. Some of the more important reasons are listed later in this article.

FB Requires Real Names
FB Requires Real Names to be Used on Personal Profiles

Creating Facebook Personal Profile for Your Order

What we do when we process your order is attempt the facebook profile and other potential mobile verification sites when we first begin your order, and mark which networks blocked our attempt to create a profile. We then revisit the network at least once a day for until the 5 day processing time line is up, upon which we substitute facebook with another top ranking network signup.

Brand Pages Avoid Deletion Issues

Facebook’s profile name policy requires you to use a ‘real name‘. By creating a personal profile for your brand name you risk having your profile deleted. This can happen at any time because the violation of policy is an ongoing issue. Should this happen, even weeks or months after you create a personal profile for your brand, this would result in a complete loss of your posting history, photo albums, and more. This can be easily avoided by creating a business “Page”. There are numerous categories for “Pages”, but we will limit the discussion here to business and brand pages.

Business Page Advantages and Caveats

A brand/business page “Page” is more appropriate type of Facebook presence, for these reasons and more…

  1. A variety of metrics provide insights about your visitors by providing demographic information and more
  2. Advertising campaigns can only be created from Pages
  3. Business hours can be set to inform your visitors of when you are open
  4. Business location information allows users to “check-in” to your brand or location
  5. Pages can be assigned to multiple accounts to administer content, has different permission levels
  6. Brand Pages are transferable without loss of content history or alerting followers to change of ownership

There are a few items to note about Pages, most importantly…

  1. To set a vanity URL (example you may be required to  get a minimum number of followers for your Page
  2. The name can only be changed once, choose your custom URL name carefully
  3. The financial history of advertising campaigns, demographic targeting information, and more are not transferable between Pages

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