My UStream Account Vanity URL Is Not Set

Where is the Vanity URL for my profile?

UStream discovered that when it allowed its users to set vanity URLs that there were problematic situations. Mostly this was due to the way UStream programmed its site. After careful consideration UStream decided to change the way it does business and has implemented new channel and profile URL rules. You can read more on the UStream site here:

UStream Network Popularity

UStream is one of the most popular streaming music social networks. Ustream powers live and on-demand video for 80 million viewers per month. That’s quite impressive, and the reason UStream has earned its place in KnowEm’s catalog of social networks.

Why does KnowEm perform UStream registrations?

A vanity URL is a nice benefit for SEO and other web and marketing related aspects, but it isn’t a requirement for some social networks. Due to site popularity and authority we perform registrations on UStream to provide the best social reach on networks where it’s in our customer’s best interests.

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