What Should A Business Use for First and Last Name?

A lot of customers can be confused by the fact that we require fields for personal information on our order form when they want to place an order for a Business or a Brand.  Especially the First and Last name fields.  The short answer is, you want to use the brand name split into 2 fields, not a personal name (unless the order is just for a person, not a business).  But the best way to describe how to use these fields is by example:

Let’s look at the brand “Taco Bell” for instance.  If we were going to create 100 social media profiles for them, one of the first we’d want to tackle is Twitter – and Twitter, like just about every other social network, requests a first and last name on all profiles.  You could enter the name of the CEO, but usually that doesn’t make sense.  It would be much more fitting to use the brand’s name.  So we would enter “TacoBell” with no spaces or dashes in the field for the brand or username (click here to find out why no spaces) but we would enter [Taco] as the first name, and [Bell] as the second name:

Difference between Username and First Last Name

As you can see in this screen capture, the First and Last name appear publicly on the profile; and whatever you enter for the first and last names will appear on all 25 to 300 profiles that we create – so you want to make sure you enter a first and last name that accurately represents your business.

There are other seemingly personal fields that have to be re-appropriated for business use:

Birthday: You could enter the birth date of the CEO, or the date the business was started (if greater than 18 but under 60)

Gender: Some social networks will inquire about the gender of the user, so you just have to decide on one.

If there are any fields you don’t want us to display publicly or leave blank intentionally (such as birth date or address) simply let us know that in the Customer Notes field labeled: Customer Notes (Have any notes for our staff?)

And as always if there’s any questions we just have answered, please don’t hesitate to call (1.800.691.KNOW) or email us!





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